Tuesday, November 02, 2010


***Voting Day***

What is happiness to you?
Well, for me it was today, when I dropped all the mail from the mail box into the gutter.
Then it was (here is the happiness part) KNEELING down to pick it up.
I mean, after the accident, I couldn't for the life of me bend my knees to even walk,
(enter C3PO).
Honestly, I walked around with straight legs because bending them were too painful.
My skin was newly burned, newly grafted, and bending felt like I was being stabbed right at the knees with really sharp knives. Sorry, but true.
I cried a lot back then.
But today as Mr. Nielson and I returned home from a very lovely meeting in Salt Lake, I checked the mailbox and grabbed the mail with my clumsy hands and fingers and then dropped them into the gutter.
I scooped down to pick the Christmas catalogs and bills up and shocked myself at just how far I was bending. So I yelled:
"Hon, look at me. I mean, look at how far I am bending down!"
It was a very big moment for me.
Even I bended down in these suckers.
I look at all these small victories as a pathway being paved for me to help me achieve the desires of my heart. My heart wants a baby-or two-or three still, and now I know that I can bend down to pick Nielson #5 up.
I worked hard to get there.
There was therapy, exercising, falling down mountains, and picking up toys
everyday to help me pick up mail in the gutter.
And folks, that is what happiness is around here.

Also, learning to ride my bike again was another victory.
Check out these wonderful snap shots that Justin Hackworth took at our
First Annual Madsen Bike Rally last month!

Check out these amazing bikes from Madsen...you must have one for Christmas- or something.
Madsen bikes here.