Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A post about naps and stuff.

(Just looking at these dishes in the dishwasher makes me tired).

Have you ever wondered why your babies sometimes wake up from their naps grumpy?
I totally know why.
I have this little problem that I have been battling since the accident.
I can only do one project a day. Usually.
Sometimes its just making dinner.
Sometimes it is making the girls their lunches in the morning.
Sometimes its just getting up at all.
And, sometimes, it's awesome and I can make lunches, four loads of laundry, make lunch, clean the kitchen, make dinner, do homework...and well that's usually where I run out of gas.
So, I decided to lately take a nap to give me that extra boost I needed during the day to keep on going until 8:30 when the children are all in bed.
But instead I wake up from my nap grumpy
with thoughts of the pizza delivery man at my door.

(Betsy and Lucy July 2010)

Today I opted out the nap.
After my 100 millionth yawn, Lucy and Betsy came over to
save me from giving into temptation of napping.
I welcomed her into my house and into the basement where its cooler.
On the way down I slipped and fell down the stairs.
My feet slipped down half the stairs and my backside zipped right down behind them.
I looked at Lucy and she looked at me.
Then we began laughing hysterically, except that it really hurt but I was too tired to cry so I picked myself up and sat down by her on the couch.
And we stayed there watching our children play.
We both begged each other to help one another get up. The 4:00 blues were coming on fast.
I told her I would count to 10 and then we needed to get up.
I got to 10 and neither one of us moved.
She said she would get up the next time Betsy cried. It came. And it went.
And we sat there like blobs.
And we all needed naps.
And, it was dinner time

(Me and the Mr. in San Diego in July)

Mr. Nielson came to my rescue like he always does.
He helped us up, made dinner, soothed my sore back and put me to bed early.
So, I am still undecided about the naps. I still hate 4:00, but I hate being grumpy too.
But mostly I hate waking up grumpy with nothing planned for dinner.

Speaking of dinner-
See Here!

I am back and cooking (when I don't have a nap) Today I made us dinner.
You can check it out at CuisineNie.