Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New Jersey Goose.

Before I introduced The NieNie Dialogues, I had this other blog
called: Graciejbrunswick. (don't ask why).
Anyway, in that blog, I mused about my life in East Brunswick, New Jersey
 with my hard-working husband, Mr. Nielson, and my daughters,
Claire and Jane (I was also pregnant with Ollie).
I wrote about my hectic but mostly beautiful day-to-day life as a
 young mother experiencing severe
homesickness especially on those winter days 
when the sun would go down in the depths of winter at 5:00.
And, Christian worked SO MUCH.
But I was happy. Really!  Among the amazing events of our little lives
like, delivering Oliver on my bed with hippy midwives, or the time I was
gone in Utah and Mr. Nielson surprised me and painted the girl's room
BRIGHT RED! Everywhere, ceilings too!
But, my favorite part about living in New Jersey was my neighbor's goose.

Each month and holiday they dressed up goose in amazing little outfits.
And I, as a mother living at home without a car found that little monthly
exchange the most exciting thing that happened to us all month.
So exciting that I remember calling Mr. Nielson to tell him the news:
"Hey honey, I know you are busy at work, but 
guess what they dressed the goose as for Halloween?"

Every day I would watch for Stanley and Adele to leave their home 
so the kids and I could sneak over and photograph the goose.

Today I read a fun article about people (lots of people)
who dress up porch geese.
This is a real thing all across the country! 
I had to laugh because it reminded me of New Jersey 
and my young moments as a mom living quietly on Harvey Circle.
 It also reminded me of that one night that Lucy tried to 
steal the goose when she had come out to visit me from Utah.
No such luck, it was like 500 pounds.

I think I know what I want for Christmas.

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