Wednesday, September 01, 2010

3 years of change

June 28, 2008
Mr. Nielson- 29
Nie- 27
Claire- 5
Oliver-2 1/2
Nicholas 18 months
We photographed my family in a beautiful apple orchard near my home. 
Wendy Whitaker took the photos. I was happy and healthy. 
I was teaching yoga and running every day. 
I found happiness in my husband and my children. 
I was also cooking and gardening at my home in Arizona. 
Our airplane crashed two months after this photo was taken, 
and we had forever changed:

July 19, 2009
Mr. Nielson-30
Nicholas-1 1/2
My life had turned upside down, and I was unsure if I wanted to take
 any photos of myself, like, ever!  I was still so embarrassed and ashamed.
I was also frequently mad and frustrated, 
even though my abilities slowly improved. 
I still was afraid of the gas-burning stove, driving in the car, and/or anything
that could be considered remotely dangerous. 
I walked funny and had surgery quite frequently. 
My children were growing up before my eyes, and I felt
incapable of caring for them the way I wanted but
I knew I had survived this accident for a reason. 
I got in touch with Wendy, 
and we had our family portraits taken- at the same place:

August 19, 2010
Mr. Nielson-31
Nicholas 3 1/2
I have a new neck and a happier outlook on everything. My body has begun yoga again, I still have frequent surgeries, but they are becoming easier. I am cooking, cleaning, and walking just fine. I work in the garden and go to all parent-teacher conferences. I am a regular at church again, and my life has a greater meaning.
You can see that in my face.
Best of all, I'm not scared all the time:

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