Monday, August 16, 2010

2 years and counting

(Purple roses in my living room to mark the 2 year post-accident)

Guess what!!!
Its been 2 years since my accident.
Remember that?
I am soooooooooo glad I have 2 years behind me.
And its good to know that I will have plenty more to go.
More years to enjoy my husband, more years with my four little beauties, more Halloween's, more fall leaves to enjoy, celebrate Christmas, listen to the crickets, see my sisters, hold hands with loved ones, dress up in fancy clothes, eat french fries, blog, travel, bear testimony of the Savior, and cook. Just a few of the things I so enjoy on earth today.
Today, Mr. Nielson is taking me to breakfast then we are going to visit the other burn patients at the U of U burn center in Salt Lake City
My desire is to offer hope to those struggling with burns and emotional wounds.
I have 2 years behind me and I hope they see that life is- and can be still so so good.
I am so happy to be alive.
Life is a treat, a marvelous gift.
I will forever dedicate this day- August 16 as a day to celebrate life. I hope you will too.

Hey, its Monday. Check out and see the themed pictures of the week.
This week I am asking you to send a photo of you:
Preparing for back to school. How do you do it?
I want to encourage you all to comment as well.
As some of you know, here at my house, will have our "Back to school Feast" and the new school clothes fashion show. My kids are so excited.
What do you do? Can't wait to see it!

(My back to school scene. My guest room packed with school supplies and clothes ready for the big day!)