Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Signs

Mr. Nielson and I drove into Provo late Sunday night. 
 Actually, I guess it was early Monday.
I couldn't sleep. I was so giddy at the thought of picking up my children.
I hadn't expected a 3-day trip to make me miss them so much!
In the morning, around 9:00, I drove to my brother Andrew's house, 
where they had been staying and picked them up.  
On the way home, they had lots to share - what they did, ate, 
who they played with. They also mentioned that cousin Chickie 
was the best at doing hair, even the boys' hair!
But my favorite part was when they got home and ran for my bedroom,
where Mr. Nielson was sleeping soundly.
They enthusiastically woke him up and proceeded to talk his ear off 
all at the same time.

Nicholas was surprisingly quiet most of the day because 
all he wanted to do was go on a bike ride.
 So, Mr. Nielson pulled out the electric bike, and he and Nicholas 
along with the Little Nies, went on a bike ride
around the neighborhood and onto Old Willow Lane
to pick delicious, wild plums and apricots.

I can feel autumn creeping in.
(Mostly because I want to feel it creeping in!)
The apricot trees are full of ripe fruit, and the gutter is full of water 
and gushing down the lane and the grass on the foothills above me
 is getting longer and fading in color.
As a Utah girl who grew up in this neighborhood,
these are all sure signs of autumn!
Not to mention, the grapes are beginning to pop on the fence vines
behind the house.
And I heard the BYU marching band today.
They are practicing for football season.
I love that sound.

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