Monday, August 23, 2010

True hearts

I love writing my thoughts down on my computer while I'm in bed 
with my windows wide open- especially on these hot summer nights in Provo.
 I love it even more when it is windy and I can hear the chimes 
that are hanging under our front yard apple tree.
But tonight was the ultimate because it rained while the wind blew. 
 After church, I was remembering our recent family Back to School Feast
because it was wonderful
I was so thankful for my dear friend, Justin Hackworth  for coming
to the Briar House to snap a few photos of the evening.
I will write about it tomorrow and reveal our newest Family Theme, too.
 I will also show you the gifts Mr. Nielson and I presented to the Nies
as we prepare to kick off this new school year. 
 For now, my ankles are the size of softballs and I need to rest my weary bones down. 
It's odd to think that three years ago I was going strong  
making three square meals every day, packing lunches, snacks, changing diapers,
grocery shopping, driving, teaching yoga, working at a studio in downtown Mesa,
and doing all the good homemaking things I enjoy doing.
And life was so enjoyable, and my body could accomplish just about anything I wanted it to.
Then two years ago I was in a hospital unresponsive and in a coma. 
I had no idea what I had ahead of me and my family didn't think I'd pull through. 
One year ago I was weak and tired and I could barely get myself dressed. 
 Showers were difficult and sleeping was worse, and I was so depressed.
 I hardly had the energy to finish the day. Now I am two years out and stronger every day.
I should never underestimate the power of prayer 
and with a true heart, faith, and the Savior, anything is possible. 
 Remember that when you are getting up early to get those babies off to school.
(Claire going to kindergarten August '07 Arizona)
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