Friday, March 26, 2010

I love you

I thought about me BC.
It made me cry.
I have been doing so good about it lately, and hardly any tears.
But Mr. Nielson was looking for some pictures on my computer and it tempted me to look through them. I saw me. Normal. With skin, and beauty.
I broke down.
But what really got me was this picture.
Courtney and Lucy with my babies.
They dropped everything for me. They planned on keeping the children forever if needs be.
I needed them them so much just as I need them now.
I need Lucy to come up and make me laugh, steal my clothes and paint together.
Page and I swap children to play for afternoons at a time.
And, I love honking at Courtney in her sunny living room (with gold walls) as I pass her house to take the children to school.

I still have them, and I'll take them over skin any day.
Happy Weekend!

And let me not forget the husbands involved too.
I love them just as much (Vance, Chris, Andrew)

(photos by Blue Lily)
the best photos ever