Friday, March 26, 2010

I love you, sisters!

I thought about me, BC.
It made me cry.
I have been doing so good lately with hardly any tears.
But yesterday, I gave in to temptation and looked at photos
of me before all this.
I saw me. Normal. With skin and beauty.
I broke down.
But what really got me was the photos of my sisters 
with my babies.
When the accident happened, they dropped everything in their
lives for me and planned to have the kids indefinitely if needed.
Maybe more than ever, I still need them and their support in my life.
I love when Lucy comes over and makes me laugh, 
steals my clothes, and paints with me.
It's fun to swap kids with Page for an afternoon hang-out, and
 I love honking at Courtney in her sunny living room (with gold walls) 
as I pass her house to take the children to school.

I still have them, and when it comes down to it,
I would take their love and over flawless skin any day.
Happy Weekend!

And let me remember the husbands involved too.
I love them just as much (Vance, Chris, Andrew)

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