Monday, March 22, 2010

Hair and the F@#$ word

I am home.
We wrestled about 10 hours in the navigator until we finally drove up Briar Avenue to our sweet abode around 1:00 a.m.

Mom had planted colorful pansies in my planters, and stocked the refrigerator up with the type's of food she knew my family would devour.
Inside my home, smelled of me. My house, my life, my things. It was awesome.
I worked all day bringing in stuff from the car until I was interrupted when Claire out of the blue asked me why the word F@#$ was a bad work.

"What??...what don't answer that, who on earth did you hear that from".

I was shocked. Am I there already? Do I have to worry about swear words? I am already fighting over her issue that she needs a bra, yeah right all she needs her paper dolls and dress-ups, and that is ALL!
Now she wears her bikini top everyday like a bra. This is going too far.
What next, she will paint her room purple, put posters up of Taylor Lautner
(in my day it was JTT)
I can't stand it. Stop growing, stop.

We put the kids on the cruisers down to Umi's house for Dad's famous dinner. Pretty soon every one of my siblings and spouses came over (missed you steve and suze, and Chris). It was so fun seeing my brothers and sisters that I desperately missed while I was gone.
Each one had a cleaver joke to say about my disgusting monkey tail..but it wouldn't be coming home if no one mentioned something -so I was ready for it.

Families are so beautiful. Everything little bit about them make me happy. They remind me why I worked so hard to live-so I could enjoy listening Christopher play a beautiful piece on the piano, for Courtney who can crack a joke so effortlessly, for Lucy who remains as skinny as ever and and is always happy to see me. It is the kiss on the cheek I get from Jesse, the way Matt looks in to my eyes when we talk, the way Page preforms a health check on me within minutes of seeing her. Its the was when Andrew tells me something awesome that went on at church that day.
And if Steve were here, it would be how he tickles my back and asks me questions.

That is heaven on earth.

I tried real hard to do my own hair today. It was a ginormous job. I went through 17 rubber bands until I was fed up and asked Mr. Nielson to do it for me.