Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Godparents visit, and another letter to Dr. L. and a list

(Andrew, baby Coco, Jane, Claire, Ollie, Reachel, Nic)

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself...like I do? (all the time)
A very silly thing really, it gets you no where.

So when the Godparents came over last night with Coco looking like she and her parents stepped out of a posh NYC boutique.
Coco had on a vintage inspired romper and a bonnet that you would only find in the 20's.
She was sound asleep on her daddies lap while he played with her hands.
It was a beautiful site to see, and so adorable !

Her deep set brown eyes and high check-bones define this Bagley baby-beautiful.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her, and I did it again, I felt sorry for little 'ol me. Boo hoo!
I want a baby, so bad in fact that I could try it tomorrow-except that would hurt me really bad.

To put a fertile woman off should be crime.

Instead I gazed into her brown eyes and saw hope.

My children were all over Godmother Reachel, it felt good to see, just like the old days! Of course Godmother Reachel brought vintage bingo cards and candy, and whipped up some veggie Shepard's pie. Just to see Reachel smile was nice.

I feel sorry for myself a lot...and I know I shouldn't. Maybe just like for 2 more days? Then I will be better.

My open letter to the man-Dr. L. And his awesome friends (like Dr. J and Andrea)

On to the hospital for check-up #1.
They may possibly add more fluid in my hunch back so it will be bigger
and that much harder to put my hoodies on.

I sound like I am complaining,
so I better type the blessings of today:

1. Hope of Haiti cd
2. Prayer
3. Happy pills
4. Grape gatoraide
5 .Letterpress valentines I am sending out this year
6. Mini Boden.

Wishing I had a homemade Oreo cookie! I love those!

Now I am off to have Dr L. put me to sleep so he can take out my drain in my back in a calm and peaceful way, then I will wake up to 3 dozen roses, all diffrent colors and a nice tall glass of cold grape gatoraid.

AHHH, sounds too good to be true.(..because it is.)