Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We call him Hunchie

(This is my new back, we will call him hunchie!)

Today's been hard.
My legs hurt.
My feet are swollen, (think cabbage patch doll feet).
My back really aches.
I'm pretty grumpy and uncomfortable.

Mr. Nielson, (bless his heart) showers me every day,
 and today he was extra gentle because I was awfully weepy.
 My back hurts so much. Did I already mention that?
Yesterday I went to get my hunchback (tissue exander)
 blown up with more saline (I'm naming my back hunchie).
 Dr. Jensen's wife sent me a necklace-I wore it all day yesterday. 
It's of me and Mr. Nielson kissing--in happier days.
I miss those easy pain-free days!

I am so thankful for all the support!!
It is making this whole ordeal much easier.
My wish came true yesterday when I got home from the hospital and
right there on the front porch was a box 
full of homemade oreo's from some very very nice wow wow.
  I still need the calories (so more treats, please!).

Things I am thankful for today:
Large flannel shirts from Target
Hot showers
Kristin A.--I love the basket!  Thank you!
Valentines Day
GrandMary's sweet rolls.

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