Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Godparents Visit and Hunchie

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself?
Recently, I do.  All the time.
A ridiculous thing, really, because it gets you nowhere.

Last night, the Godparents (Andrew and Reachel) stopped by,
looking like they had stepped out of a posh NYC boutique.
Coco had on a vintage romper and an adorable bonnet.
She was sound asleep in Andrew's lap while he stroked her tiny hands.
When she finally woke up, I noticed her beautiful brown eyes.
I'm so happy for Reachel and Andrew!
But feel jealous, too.

I wished I was having another baby instead of Hunchie.
Bla Bla Bla.  I'm complaining again.

My children were all over Godmother Reachel, 
just like the ol days! Then I started missing the "good ol days".

Tonight, of course, Godmother Reachel whipped up and brought us
homemade shepherd's pie for dinner and brought vintage bingo cards and candy
for the kids.  She's the best.

Today, I am headed to the hospital for another procedure with Dr. L.
He'll insert more fluid into my Hunchie implant,
stretching my back skin so I'll have enough skin for my neck transplant.
It's all so crazy; I don't know how to type about it.
I might need bigger shirts to accommodate my new Hunchback look.

I am complaining again.
It's not all bad.  
Here are some good things I have going for me:
1. Prayer
2. Grape Gatorade
3. Letterpress valentines I am sending out this year for the girls
4. Mini Boden catalog
5. Delicious  homemade Oreo cookies! I love these
After my procedure, we'll grab one on the way home.

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