Friday, October 23, 2009

hiking the Y with dirt on my bum

Justin Hackworth is a fantastically creative photographer.
He and I are doing a project together.
He is photographing my recovery in a series of pictures.
Each week he takes photos of me doing stuff at home or
out and about or whatever I am doing.

We hiked the Y.

Here are the results.

And, I hiked it with dirt on my bum.
And for your information, that dirt is because
Mr. Nielson slapped my behind like he always does.
Just like his father, Boss Nielson does to his wife Mary.
Just like his brothers Peter and Stephen do to their wives.
And Marcus, I am sure you will do it to your wifey too.
I like to hike the Y with Mr. Nielson because he always has his water bottle, except when I take a drink it smells kind of funny, and then he will say:
"I just washed it!"
and I will laugh and drink it anyway.
And who hikes the Y in skinny jeans....Mr. Nielson does.
He also likes to hold my hand.
And that is why I like to hike with Mr. Nielson (that, and the stinky water bottle)

Thanks Justin for taking the photo of the sunflowers,
(I really wanted him to).

Thanks Justin, see you Saturday.
Check out Justin here.
and his blog here.

And if you see him, ask him about the first time he kissed a girl.

Check out this website that is in relation to my father, STEVE CLARK, and some very important facts about his opponent. I believe my dad should be mayor. But you all knew that anyway.

And, for our weekend spiritual inspiration.