Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just thinking...

Tonight Mr. Nielson and I lay in our bed each armed with laptops.
We are such nerds. Both of us are worn-out. 
 And somehow opening the windows and listening to the 
crickets and each other's keyboards is relaxing.
 I prepared all day doing last-minute shopping for school supplies and 
for all the food for our annual Back to school feast. 
I chatted with old friends. Met a few new ones, too.
I kissed babies, answered e-mails, didn't clean my house,  didn't make lunch,
helped pick out the first day of school outfits.
I made back-to-school crowns for the feast, made dinner, biked to back to school night
at the elementary, we ate dinner, put kids to bed, and now my feet are swollen. 
 I was thinking about when I hiked the Y a few days ago. 
I did it! But I didn't just do it alone. You all did it with me. 
I couldn't have even possibly thought about it if it weren't for you. 
I owe you my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you.
 I also was thinking about my new life, and
 my new outlook, and the overwhelming love I have for my family. 
 Thinking about my unconditional love for Mr. Nielson 
(who now is packing up the bucket bike with our garbage bags that we can't fit in our can.
 He's going to drop a few off in Matt's can, my parent's can, 
and possibly even my aunt Lisa's can.  What is family for?).
 I am thinking about our recent trip to Seattle. I remember driving down the freeway and out of nowhere among the majestic pines was the Temple. 
 I remember frantically announcing to all the children to look out their windows
and then happened to glance at Ollie who desperately wanted to see.
 He poked his head out the window and in my rearview mirror, I caught a glimpse 
of his excitement and honest thrill when he saw the glorious temple.
I could tell he wanted to get closer.
  It was a beautiful moment, and one I will never forget.
 I was thinking about Nicholas and his new word "poopie-head". 
He says it all the time and thinks he is so funny.
(I guess I need to get my "flipper" out and oiled up...right mom?!) 
 I was thinking about the amazing e-mails and letters from people who love me
and don't even know me.  I am so grateful!
. I was thinking of Claire's absolute love for the monkey bars at school, 
and Jane who loves to ride her bike around the neighborhood.
Ad now I am thinking about going to bed.

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