Friday, August 21, 2009

A Feast fit for 2 Queens/ Back to School Feast #2

Introducing the Nielson Familt
 Back to School Feast Theme:
  "Listen and Obey"
Menu: baked potatoes with sharp Tillamook cheese
 Green salad with homegrown cherry tomatoes and champagne dressing 
Late summer fruit Garlic and parmesan couscous
 Peach bubblie and Fresh French vanilla ice cream topped 
with homemade chocolate sauce.
The 2009-2010 crowns
The girls both got their ears pierced for the new year.
(I'd like more children to fill my chairs.)
It was a beautiful night!
After dinner came the new school clothes fashion show!
 We ended our evening with Mr. Nielson
giving beautiful Priesthood blessings to Caire and Jane.
He blessed them with strength and courage, and God's power
as they begin a new year.
(I received one, too!).

This year was much different than last year, 
It wasn't as fancy as I'd have liked it to be,
but with my limited energy and the dang never-ending pain, 
this was all I could muster.
I fully intend on each year being stronger and better,
but I am so grateful that I am alive and able to share 
this special tradition with my children!!!
Words can't express my gratitude!!

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