Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letters to Mr. Nielson: Photo session with Lucy.

Dear Mr. Nielson,
The children played hard today, spending their time with a handful of cousins.
Oliver burned his hand on the stove and opted to watch "flipper" with my Mother and lay on the couch all afternon. Gigs had his usual 2 hour nap upstairs in my old room-how I wished I could crawl in his crib with him.
I went to Courtney's with the girls for some reason she spent about an
hour taking pictures of Lucy and I.

We moved the party to Fir Avenue where I downloaded Coldplay's new tunes and made pizza on the grill with Andrew. Papa Jones came to have dinner with us again this evening. He told me after I sliced him a piece, that he really loved "burned pizza" and I should open up a pizza joint...thanks pops!

Using my dads awesome grill we gave him for Fathers Day makes the pizza a delight-truly!
Gigs really loved it.

Then Mother put Papa Jones (who is 95) in her swanky convertible and pretended he was in a parade and we all waved to him. It was a highlight of my life, and if that is the last time I see him, all is well. I have a good memory of that great man.

Then the camera did this, and now it wont even take photos. What on earth happened?
Really what happened?

Missing you lots, and I mean LOTS! I love you-