Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letters to Mr. Nielson: Photo, Papa, and Pizza

Dear Mr. Nielson,
The children played hard today, spending most of their day
 with a handful of happy cousins.
In the morning, Oliver burned his hand on the stove and watched "flipper" 
with my mom on the couch all afternoon.
 Gigs had his usual 2-hour nap upstairs in my old room,
and how I wished I could crawl in his crib with him. He looked so peaceful.
I went to Courtney's house with the girls, and for some reason, she spent about an
hour taking pictures of Lucy and me as we talked on her bed.

We moved the party to Fir Avenue where I downloaded Coldplay's new tunes 
and made pizza on the grill with Andrew. 
 Papa Jones came to have dinner with us again this evening. 
 He told me after I sliced him a piece, that he really loved "burned pizza" 
and that I should open up a pizza joint...thanks pops!

I enjoyed using my dad's awesome grill
(that all of us kids gave him for Fathers Day),
it makes the pizzas delicious!
And, Gigs really loved it.  But he loves everything.

Then mom put Papa Jones (who is 95) in her swanky Audi convertible 
and we pretended he was in a parade and we all waved to him.
 It was a highlight of my life, and if that is the last time I see him, all is well. 
 I have a good memory of that great man!

Then the camera did this, and now it won't even take photos. 
 What on earth happened?
Really what happened?

Missing you lots, and I mean LOTS! I love you-

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