Thursday, June 26, 2008

Letters to Mr. Nielson: Bathing Beauties

Dear Mr. Nielson,
Whew, What a day!
The girls went down to Courtney's house on Briar and played around in her birthing pool. They loved it! I ate a sugar cookie from the Bakery and mugged on baby Chief. He is a little fella and simply adorable.
Gigs took a very short 50 minute nap and Oliver watched Sleeping Beauty for the quintillionth time. Van came over on his motorcycle and took Ollie around the block. I wish you could have seen Ollie,
he was in heaven!!
This evening, I took out my cruiser around the Tree streets remembering my childhood.
I had a good childhood.
Then I made dinner. I steamed some broccoli and my Dad told me to get a candle burning because the house smelled like poo.

I am tired.

Good Night. I love you, tomorrow is my 27th birthday, don't forget. I know you won't.
How I wish I was spending it with you!!!


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