Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Recovering Fine.

A simple Tonsillectomy.

9:15: Leave for hospital.
9:30: Fill out papers.
9:45: Surgery prep.
9:46: Nie and children patiently wait out in the waiting area while a nice lady lets us pet her dog (except I am not sure she knew we were petting the dog since she was blind).
10:00: watch "The View" on the hospital TV and throw bouncy balls around, making the attendant very nervous.
10:04: Escorted to the pre-operation recovery room #7 to greet Mr. Nielson in warm footies, shower cap, blankets and IV. Oh, his face was green too.
10:12: Mr. Nielson becomes very anxious-hates needles.
10:14: Children become very anxious and begin playing with the surgical gloves.
10:29: Nie tries to stop Jane from wrapping herself up in the make-shift curtains.
10:31: Nie tries to stop Oliver from pushing his cars down the hospital hallway.
10:32: Nie tries to catch Nicholas after he enters old ladies hospital room.
10:33: Nie and children get kicked out.
10:35: Nie kisses Mr. Nielson and says goodbye
10:36 Nie is escorted out.
2:30: Nie picks up Mr. Nielson in recovery room.
2:35: Nie gets instructions from nurse Julie who also confesses Mr. Nielson petted her head and other strange behaviors post surgery and coming-too.
I laugh. Mr. Nielson gushes with helplessness.
3:30: Mr. Nielson is discharged and Julie exclaims as we are wheeled out of sight.

What happens at Mercy Gilbert Hospital stays at Mercy Gilbert Hospital.

Then I asked Mr. Nielson who was drunk with loritab and other anesthesia what else he did while I was out of his sight.

Of course he has no idea.