Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ceiliúradh for St. Paddy's day.

Irish steal cut oats and Irish caisc'in

(wholewheat bread....oh I'm sorry, I totally can speak in
Gaelic tongues I will offer translation to you.
Sometimes Mr. Nielson calls me Arwen, that guy!)

My Irish lassie's eating green Irish tofu, Irish rice, Irish bok choy,
Irish snap peas, and caithiseach (delicious)Irish green beans.

Lassie Claire's Irish n'il ann ach rabhadh (warning)
on our Irish front door to warn the comharsa b'eal dorais
(that's next door neighbor)

St. Nicholas running around lomnocht(naked) to celebrate his heritage

a'dh m'or ort!

maidin amárach Maidin am'arach (tomorrow....Okay I won't do it anymore)
will feature a weeks worth of Spring break projects.