Monday, October 29, 2007


The beautiful particulars:

*Seven and a half pounds of baby was born (thanks to Café Rio) on October 29th at 6:21 am on a very chilly autumn morning.
*Mr. Nielson becomes overwhelmed with this exquisiteness infant and can scarcely talk when he calls his own father to tell him the reports of his first-born daughter entering the world.
*Claire’s nickname “toad” is presented to her 17 minutes after birth.
*It is discovered 6 minutes post-birth that Claire has a hairy back, but all fingers and toes accounted for.
*Black thick hair covers Claire’s perfectly round head.
*It is revealed that Claire has very similar attributes as her grandfather Clark; specifically her cheeks.
*Claire eats like a bloodsucker.
*Claire and I reside in the hospital one night and depart the hospital in the pouring rain.
*Mr. Nielson has the house prepared to bring his wife and first-born child home. A fire softly flickers in the fireplace and my antique rocking chair gently is placed near its hearth.
*My mother, Claire’s “Umi” stocks Refrigerator and buys ivory soap to properly cleanse Claire’s onesies in.

All is well.

Happy Birthday Toad!