Monday, October 29, 2007


Enjoy the details of the birth of my newly
 six-year-old daughter Claire:

*Claire was seven and a half pounds, and I give most of the credit to Café Rio!

*Claire was born on October 29th at 6:21 on a rainy and chilly autumn morning.

*After Claire was born, Mr. Nielson called his dad and was 
very overcome with emotion over his new baby girl.

*Claire’s nickname “Toad” is presented to her 17 minutes after birth.

*It is discovered 6 minutes post-birth that Claire has a hairy back
like I did when I was born.
 (Hence my "baboon" nickname, which I still go by).
All of her fingers and toes are adorably accounted for.

*Claire has a very nice head of black hair.

*After staring at her for three hours straight, 
we decide she has some very "Clark" similarities,
 particularly her cheeks like Grandpa Clark.

*Claire is a good nurser.

*Claire and I reside in the hospital for one night and depart
 the following evening in the pouring rain.

*Mr. Nielson has our cozy house prepared for our return
with a fire in the fireplace,
 and my antique rocking chair placed nearby.
Dream come true.

*Mom, Claire’s “Umi”, stocks our refrigerator with food and
 buys Ivory soap for me to wash her little clothes in.
 It smells like heaven.

Happy Birthday, Toad!
It's been a wonderful SIX years having you on this earth!

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