Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The afternoon ride

At around 3:30 the children and I listen for a very
 welcomed familiar sound.
The sound of a '73 Honda CB come zooming up to our
 little Lazona Estate
When our knight on his motorcycle showed up at the front of the house,
he didn't even get off his motorcycle. No, Christian knows better than that. 
He patiently waits for the kids to come flying out of the house for ride 
on the motorcycle before dinner.
Today after nearly 5 minutes of fighting it was decided that Jane could go first.
I don't know how Claire let that slide, she must have negotiated
a 15 minute back tickles before bed or something.
When it was Claire's turn she immediately waved to me
 and yelled "¡hola! mom!"
I sat on a blanket in the front yard with the boys
 and let them crawl all over me while feeling a sense of relief and excitement
to have Mr. Nielson home!
Oliver was super patient and waited his turn,
(he went last.  He always goes last).
 I secretly wanted a turn too...maybe later tonight 
when the kids are snoozing?!  
I'm sure Jimmy would watch the kids?

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