Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How and Ugg.

Stanley was confused this morning. We watched him dress the goose in a pilgrim costume. He placed the hat on top and stood back and examined. Something didn’t look right as he placed his hand to his chin and circled the goose. Then snapped his fingers and walked inside. Adelle came out and threw her arms up in the air and went back inside leaving Stanley in his wonderment. She came back moments later with another costume for the goose. Stanley was excited and began dressing goose into a Pocahontas looking Indian for Thanksgiving. I love it.
I then realized that the goose has multiple costumes for each month…(pumpkin AND witch for Halloween, Uncle Sam AND Lady Liberty for 4th of July…etc.)
It is so fun watching her change each month and even more fun sneaking over to the Kodas house for a snapshot.