Monday, October 31, 2005

Top 5 spookiest Stephanie costumes

This year we expected the goose to be in her usual pumpkin costume. Boy were we surprised when instead a spooky witch dawned the Kodas front steps. She looks charming!

Our theme this Halloween-we decided on 'Nature'.
I made costumes for us all as follows:
Christian-apple tree.
Claire- butterfly with green and orange wings
Jane-butterfly with pink and purple wings
Oliver-a red mushroom
I made a nest with birds, feathers, and eggs and put it on my head. It turned out great.

I decided to make a list of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes I have worn for your viewing enjoyment.

5. I really liked my nest idea this year.(24 years)

4.'Neo and Trinity' from the Matrix. (19 years) HOT!

3.'Spooky Devil' in 2rd grade. (9 years) It came with a one-piece black out Lucifer!

2. I can't find a picture of my second favorite costume. I with my cousins Mike and Katie actually sketched out a 3-headed monster and had a lady make it for us. It was awesome. (5th grade, 10 years)

1.'Spider and the Web' Claire and I were the perfect match! (21 years)

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!