Monday, June 10, 2024

Welcome Summer Break!

Today marked the first day of SUMMER BREAK!  
First things first: organize and clean out my outdoor drink refrigerator.
That job was incredibly satisfying, but even better was admiring
all the colorful cans and drinks.
So many delicious kinds to choose from.
Why does this type of stuff make me so happy? anyone else having a hard time getting their hands
on the new coconut Dr. Pepper?
Sunday played around the back porch, and of course, I took a
few photos of her.
Later, Jane and I had a meal-planning session on the porch.
 Jane painted her nails while I took notes. 
She still cooks once a week, and we like to compare recipes
 to avoid cooking the same thing.
And she enjoys coming to the actual store with me,
which I absolutely LOVE!
I know these little moments are what I am going to DIE MISSING
when my girls move away in August.
Then Ollie called, and we chatted for an hour, listening to him
tell us stories about scary gangs that drive around with guns, 
the jungle he lives in, and how no one ever knows the time.
Then he told me to buy Jordan 4's (he's still obsessed with shoes),
and then I told him they kind of reminded me of Cabbage Patch doll shoes:

He is THE CUTEST, and I miss him more every time we talk.

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