Sunday, June 09, 2024

Humble And Fearless

 Christian and I both spoke in church this morning.
Our topic was humility.
I thought of my brother, Topher, who passed away four years
ago on June 5th. 
I've been reading his memoir that he and my cousin, Jayne, compiled
in the last few years of his life and as his health declined.  
This book is one of the greatest treasures I own.
It's wonderful to remember his life, thoughts, experiences,
and funny stories.  He was SO FUNNY!
He shares a story about his experience playing
Paul in the church's New Testament Bible videos.
Topher's final role before his passing away was portraying the story of
 Paul on the Road to Damascus for a mural. 
They had a 5-minute window to capture the perfect shot
 with multiple cameras at different angles. 
Topher described the poses as "slow-acting."
 The director asked Topher, who was, at this point, 
confined to a wheelchair to kneel for the shot. 
With the help of the crew, he knelt on the ground for 5 minutes 
while they took the photos
 and felt an inexplicable strength as if he was being lifted by invisible hands. 
He felt healed and whole for those few minutes.
When the director confirmed they got the shot, he fell limp.
The mural is hanging on the 6th floor of the MTC in Provo. 
It's enormous and covers the entire wall. 
In the picture, you can see him kneeling with his hands up 
to the light, but what you can’t see are the hands of angels all around holding him up,
but I know they were there.
Topher later shared that this experience had been profoundly 
humbling and impactful. 
Acknowledging our reliance on the Lord for support in every aspect of our lives
is humbling.
Our talents and abilities are gifts from God, not just the result of our efforts. 
When we know and accept this, it helps us live with gratitude 
and a sense of responsibility to use our gifts for the betterment of others.
Humility doesn't indicate weakness or fear; it shows where true strength lies. 
We can be humble and fearless, like my brother Topher.
Later in the evening, we gathered on the porch just as the clouds
 began to darken around Stillestead.
Jane and I are planning a fun Father's Day dinner with friends.
We planned the menu and the decor.  It's been a while since I've
hosted a dinner party with friends.
It's going to be lovely.
 Then, the wind picked up with the promise of a storm. 
Before long, heavy raindrops began to pelt the ground.
It was magical.

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