Wednesday, May 15, 2024


 Today, I put up my festive flags on the house.  
Since Memorial Day is just around the corner, 
I thought it was an appropriate time to decorate for all the fun patriotic
Summer holidays that are vastly approaching!
It's been pouring rain here for the past few days 
but makes everything green and gorgeous.

Summer in North Carolina is unbeatable.

We've already started seeing the fireflies flashing around the yard at dusk.
A telltale that Summer is on her way.
The cows happily lounge in the shade of the lush canopy of leaves, 
finding relief from the afternoon heat. 
In the evening, they roam and munch on grass that is nearly as tall as them.
Occasionally, they take a refreshing dip in the pond behind the house. 
Sometimes, as I sit outside on the screened-in back porch, 
I can hear them splashing around.

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