Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Today, Jane was a sub for Gig's agriculture teacher.
At lunch, he went to the store and brought Jane a donut and Monster drink
and they enjoyed high school lunchtime together.
It was her first Monster drink.
It was also her last Monster dink since it gave her a monster headache.
But the donut was adorable.
Jane sent me a cute photo of him hanging up in the hallway at school
spotlighting him and his job at the goat farm.

I would never have known this stuff existed.
Thanks, Jane!
He's the cutest guy!!

Speaking of Gigs, his goats, Ricky and Gump are doing well and enjoying
the giant Tupperware under the table in my front yard.
(We're still working on a permanent solution).
Meanwhile, they are devouring the poison ivy that 
has invaded the backyard fence.
Thanks, goats!


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