Saturday, May 11, 2024

Mother's Day Clean-Up

 For Mother's Day, I wanted all my kids to help participate
 in a Stillestead clean-up day. 
I made a list of all the things that needed to be done 
around the yard and in the garden, and other miscellaneous jobs.
At 7 am, Christian was already working with the cattle, 
Gigs was at work, and the girls were still asleep.
 So, I started working on my own. I weeded the flower beds, 
and by the time I finished, everyone was home, awake, and ready to help.
Gigs brought his two new goats, Gump and Ricky, home, this time for good. 
He bought an electric fence, and we set it up.
Except I don't want them in the front yard, and Gigs promised me 
he'd take it down before the day was over.
I also tried doing goat yoga, but they didn't enjoy it.
Lottie drove the truck around the perimeter of the yard
 while Christian and I trimmed the surrounding trees and bushes.
Meanwhile, Jane dismantled the old raised garden beds 
to prepare for a new garden area. 
I have seeds and Dalilah tubers ready to plant! 
I am dying to get them in the ground!!!!
Then we ran out of light and energy.
We still need to finish the flower beds, 
and get bamboo sticks for my sweet pea tepee.

When I lamented to Christian that we didn't quite finish everything,
he said to me,
"We need to save some jobs for next Saturday!".
I guess.

UPDATE: the goats are still in my front yard 
(I'm typing this a week after Gigs promised to move them.)


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