Sunday, May 12, 2024

Mothers Day 2024

If you were to look up "Mother's Day" in the dictionary, 
there would be the Nies, along with photos and a 
description of my perfect Mother's Day.
They made me a feast fit for a queen, 
with dishes like Jane's amazing rolls shaped into little birds, 
and Claire's mouthwatering 7-layer bars!!
They also gave me the most adorable custom-embroidered apron,
 custom gardening gloves, and an assortment of my favorite flower seeds: 
Poppies and Zinnias. I am so excited to get those in the ground!
They spent weeks cutting out and sewing cute felt garlands
for the dinner table.  
Everything was just so perfect and darling.
My girls know me so well, and I am at a loss for words about how
grateful and thankful I am for them.
Gigs got me an air fryer and is just as excited about it as I am.
And Lottie wrote me the cutest book I've ever read.  It made me cry.
 It was so beautifully written, clever, and well thought out, with adorable 
drawings. I was very touched.
Earlier in the day, I gave the kids at church a little Mother's Day
paper to fill out and give to their Moms.
I had extra, and my kids each filled one out for me.
They made me laugh, they are so funny!
I am so excited for the future when my daughters will become mothers. 
They will thrive in their nurturing roles because 
they have genuine love and compassion instilled in who they are naturally.
They are resilient in both body and spirit and, most importantly, 
they have a deep love for God, who will be their
 greatest supporter and confidant in all aspects of their lives.

Around dinnertime, I had a wonderful conversation with Elder Ollie, 
which was the highlight of my already amazing day. 
He sent me the sweetest email that I will read and re-read 
whenever I am feeling like a bad mom.
He thinks I'm pretty great.

We spent the evening gazing at the sky in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights, 
which were supposed to be visible over North Carolina. 
All we saw were beautiful stars and the occasional airplane. 
Despite staying up until midnight, I wasn't upset 
because it turned out to be one of the most memorable nights and
definitely the best Mother's Day ever.

And, of course, the day would not be complete without
 honoring my mother, Cindy. She shaped my earliest and fullest memories.
Because of her, my childhood was colorful, 
happy and safe, and she instilled and 
encouraged my desire to be a mother. 
She read really good books to me as a child 
(and by my bedside in the hospital). 
She cheers me on and thinks I am funny, even when I am not. 
I love you, Mom.

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