Wednesday, May 29, 2024

List Makers

Jane makes lists.  She takes after me.  We are list makers.  
We make lists on paper with boxes to check off our progress.  
Well, Jane made a new epic list called HOT GIRL SUMMER 
with 15 things to do this summer before she heads to BYU
in August.
I'd share the list, but she's not home while I write this post,
and I want to make sure she's OK with me sharing her list.  
But I will tell you, it's a fabulous list.
And I will also share that today, Claire and Jane didn't have work, 
so they spontaneously took Lottie out of school
 with my permission, of course, at lunchtime. 
They drove to a nearby U-pick strawberry field and spent 
the afternoon picking luscious, plump, deep-red strawberries.
They were the only ones in the entire field armed with buckets
filling them to the brim with these gorgeous edible jewels.

I was a little jelly that I didn't get invited, but was completely content
at home snuggling Sunday on the porch.

I just love this cat, dangit!

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