Thursday, May 30, 2024

In The Front Seat

 Today, Christian and I had a VERY GOOD meeting about an upcoming
project that might be happening (fingers crossed).  
A dream of mine could be coming true.
After our meeting, we went to lunch together, giddy at our 
possible prospects.
I love being with Christian.
If he's driving to run errands, I join him, or if he's out in the
pastures with the ladies I want to be there watching him work
while talking his ear off.
All he has to say is,
"Do you want to go for in the car with me to...?"
and I'm in the front seat with a Dr. Pepper,
and good tunes playing before he can even finish that sentence.
I don't even care where we are going or what we are doing.

This evening, I made dinner, and we had the Elders over.
What sweeties!
Plus, they remind me of Ollie, and I love thinking
of Ollie in homes, sharing a meal and a message about Jesus.
He is the best missionary; I am certain of that.
(I hope he's putting his napkin on his lap and thanking his hosts!)

Elder Bludorn saw Kitty and was excited to pick her up and snuggle!
I swear I didn't make him hold her!
She's irresistible!  

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