Sunday, May 05, 2024

Cinco de Mayo Sunday

Every year on Cinco de Mayo, I make my signature Mexican Chocolate Cake, 
and we usually eat out for Mexican food.
  This year, Cinco de Mayo happened to fall on a Sunday, so 
we stayed home to eat, and unfortunately
 I forgot to check my pantry on Saturday to ensure that
 I had all the necessary ingredients for making the cake and the dinner.
And sadly, when it was time to make the cake, 
I couldn't make the delicious frosting for the top.
The reality is that I was the only one who cared since
 I'm the only frosting fan in the family.
But EVERYONE cared that we only had six tortillas for burritos.

Plus, to make it even more disappointing, 
 it was Fast Sunday, which meant that we were all
super hungry!
On a spiritual side note:
Our family fasted together with one purpose for a
very significant and sensitive thing.
We believe in miracles and God's power.
We have faith in His timing and will.
And sometimes IT IS SO HARD to be still and wait.
After dinner, we took a walk in the fields, checked on the cows,
and watched as the sun lowered and the humidity took over the fields.
Jane and Christian walked through the fields with Angus
who jumped around the tall grass like a little puppy.
The rest of us (who were not wearing boots) did not.
It's tick season.  
That would be a death wish.

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