Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Spanning The Ages


It's strange being a mom of kids spanning the ages!
Claire and Jane, in their 20's, with full-time jobs, big girl plans,
and independent lives are so different from Nicholas, who
at age 17, still needs rules and a curfew but puts himself to bed and 
gasses up the car with his own money (sometimes),
to Lottie, who at age 11 still wants to be read to,
 has her own IG but goes to bed by 10 each night.
I tuck her in, and we have a kiss routine that includes about 20 kisses
complete with sound effects.
Somedays, I feel so overwhelmed trying to be an influential mom to
all my Nies who are in such different places in their lives, 
but we all live together under one roof.
10 years ago, when the girls were Lottie's age, I was a much different mom.
This blog entry posed in 2016 about when the girls and I were Lottie's
age makes me laugh and smile, thinking about how different
we all are.

This just proves at any age of motherhood, 
you never actually know what you're doing,
and just praying you're doing it right.

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