Saturday, March 30, 2024

Saturday At Stillestead

This morning, Brane was so alert and adorable!
He ate a lot, stretched his legs, met Angus, 
and then slept most of the day.
This afternoon, I prepared two Easter pies and set up 
the table for tomorrow's celebration.
I love this beautiful holiday!
Gigs picked up Gump and Ricky, his two baby goats 
(that he keeps at work).
He brought them over to spend Saturday with us.
They are super cute.
We took them for a walk, and they followed us around so obediently.
(And into the house, too).
They are the cutest.
We don't have the facilities to keep them at Stillestead yet,
but are making plans to keep them full-time.
Later, I picked up Lottie from hanging out with her friends
in our old neighborhood.
I think she misses living there.
I don't.
Can't have goats, bunnies, cows, and chickens there.
And it's so cute when the chickens follow me everywhere I go.
Claire took the evening feeding with Brane today:

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