Friday, March 29, 2024

Lone Survivor

This morning in the pouring rain, Christian rescued three baby bunnies
from their ground nest that was stomped on by the cattle,
leaving one brother, bunny, as the lone survivor.
His eyes are still tightly closed, and he's so tiny.
Maybe three or four days old?

We quickly found a box and filled it with rice-warmed socks 
and tried to recreate his cozy nest in the pasture.
 We used a combination of fur and grass that Mama Bunny had used
from the field to make a comfortable nest in the box, and
one of Gig's animal heating lights was used to provide warmth.
Eventually, we named the baby "Brane." 
(after one of our family's favorite IG memes).
Gigs brought home goat milk from the farm.
 Because after researching, 
it turns out goat milk is the best for abandoned bunnies.
He's so so cute!  We're all smitten!

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