Friday, February 16, 2024

My Greatest Gift

 Embracing the spirit of Valentine's Day, 
Christian and I went on a wonderful date with Clane tonight
serving in the temple.

I feel incredibly lucky to be with my beautiful daughters in this special place. 
Having a personal connection with God is something I am deeply grateful for. 
It is a source of strength and comfort that I can tap into at any time.
 But when I am in the temple, I feel a connection and clarity that is so vivid.
The Lord desires to give His love and grace to all His children. 
He wants to see us succeed and grow.
 I find true and profound peace there, 
especially when I face individual and family challenges,
and peace in the world is hard to find.
As a mother, there is no greater gift than having strong daughters
 who know their purpose and willingly follow
 God by making and keeping covenants with Him.

Yes, of course, we got Chic-fil-A shakes after.

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