Thursday, February 08, 2024

Morning Routine

 I get the girls up around 7:00 for our 7:35 departure time
which gives us 20 minutes to drive to school and to be at the drop-off
lane at 8:00ish for 8:10 school time, then the 
25-minute drive to the Barre studio for our 8:45 class.
I do a pretty good job at keeping us on schedule.

I go from bed to bed to bed, waking up warm, sleepy bodies.
I play loud music some mornings, but that's on really sleepy days (like today).
While teeth are getting brushed, hair done, you know, etc.,
I fill up water bottles and get the breakfast options out.
Then I get the car warmed up, coats on the table for easy pick-up, 
and Lottie's backpack packed with her lunch, assignment folders, and PE shorts.
This morning, Christian snapped a photo of us after morning prayers
and before walking out the door (and 2 minutes behind schedule).

In the car, one of the girls plays the music
and we all try to pump Lottie up for the day,
"It's going to be the best day, Lod!"
"Just think, tomorrow is FRIDAY!"
Or something like that.
Because she's a little sad when we drop her off, and she 
has to walk into school alone.
If that were me in 6th grade in 1992, 
and my sisters and mom dropped me off at school, 
I'm pretty sure they'd have to physically drag me 
out of the car, I'd hate leaving them.
She's such a good sport!

I'm LOVING these busy mornings because
 I know that come Summer, when Clane leaves for college,
my world (and Lottie's) will turn upside down again.

And sometimes, Lottie sends me bathroom selfies
with her 2015 hand-me-down iPhone from Claire.

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