Friday, February 09, 2024

It's A Friday, We Finally Made It!

On Friday, at some point during the day, the Nielson's blast 
John Mayer's song, Love on the Weekend.
It's the Nielson weekend anthem.
Mostly, we love the first line,
"It's a Friday; we finally made it..."
When everyone is home from school, and the sun is starting to set
we treat ourselves to dinner out, followed by
popcorn (with Junior Mints), with movies upstairs.
When I say "we," it's a combination of bodies.
It's always me, Christian, Lod, and recently, Jane (for now anyway).
Sometimes Claire is working and missing for our weekend gang,
and sometimes Gigs is out with his buddies.
This Friday, Jane said to me as we shared a Mexican burrito bowl,
"This is what I missed the most while I was gone, Mom!"
So we took a photo.

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