Monday, February 12, 2024

Homecoming Dinner Portugal Style

Tonight, we celebrated Jane's return from serving the Lord in 
the beautiful country of Portugal!  
Jane cooked us delicious popular dishes she enjoyed 
for the last 18 months.

Jane and I shopped for the ingredients earlier in the day, 
and she went home and cooked everything up.
I made bread for our charcuterie board because the Nielsons
never have a party without one of those present.
Cardápio (menu):
-Pão Caseiro, Queijo, Frutas
-Sopa de vegetais (cebola, cenoura, nabo, feijão branco)
-Bacalhau com creme
-Salada de alface e tomate
Sobremesa (dessert):
Torta de amêndoa Ttorrada com creme doce
Also, juice!  Jane said juice is served with every meal, 
and we warmed up olives with olive oil and salt and
put them in the cute, dainty olive dishes she brought home. 
Azeitonas Quentes!

-Homemade bread, cheese, & fruit
-Vegetable Soup (onion, carrot, turnip, and white bean)
-Codfish with cream
-Lettuce and tomato salad
And for dessert, 
Almond Tarte cake with hot Hyggelig 
(a hot drink Christian invented with Pero and a blob of Nutella.
"Blob" translates into probably a teaspoon)
It was a delicious evening together, eating the food and
listening to Jane share stories of the people, different cultures, 
her love for the Savior,
 and the miracles she saw in His name.
It was inspiring and captivating!
She got emotional and teary serval times throughout the night.
Feeling all the feels.
Happiness for being home but missing the people she served,
missing her fellow companions and her mission leaders.
And missing the bread.  Such good bread!

After we cleaned up and sat around in the living room chatting 
late in the night.  
(Do you spy Gigs?)

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