Sunday, February 18, 2024

Happy 21 Birthday, Jane!

 Today, my little Jane Bug turned 21!!
I am LOVING having her and Claire home for a few 
months until they turn the chapters in their life stories and move 
to Utah for school and work.
This is truly a unique time for our family.
I made Jane a vanilla sprinkle cake 
and tortilla soup for dinner (per her request).

Also, today, Jane, Claire, and Gigs ALL SPOKE IN CHURCH!
Jane shared with the congregation about her mission, telling beautiful
faith-filled stories about her 18 months in Portugal.
(And Hope and her family came to listen!!)
Her favorite gift was the heart flower vase 
since she's a little goth-y at "heart."
Get it?
I am beyond proud of Jane.
She has magnified her life by serving.
She is truly inspiring!
I can't wait to see what this 21st year brings!

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