Sunday, January 07, 2024

We Will Go! We Will Do!

Tonight, around the dinner table as a family, we discussed our study of 
The Book of Mormon for the year.
We talked about goals, plans, thoughts, feelings, and generally, 
our excitement about reading this fantastic book and the testimony 
of the Savior's life and ministry on the earth.  
The Book of Mormon brings comfort and peace because, in its pages,
 we discover who we were, who we are, where we are going, 
and why we press forward in life, especially when it's hard and overwhelming.
And we gain greater insight into the Savior's remarkable ministry of compassion, 
healing, and love during His visit to the American continent.
I shared my profound love for this book with Christian and the Nies.
 I hope that we all can enjoy its transformative power
 and commit ourselves to it. 
Inspired by Nephi's example, I encouraged them to Go and Do and
follow the Lord even when it's difficult, 
and to dedicate our lives to learning more about the 
Savior during our family study together.

(This is the first year we all have a phone to read our scriptures on.)

Then, I made chocolate chip cookies.

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