Friday, January 05, 2024

Stillestead in the New Year

 This afternoon, we decided to roam the Stillestead pastures, 
check on the fences, and visit the cows.
Gigs decided it was a good idea to invite his favorite chicken,
Cindy to join on this little adventure.
Cindy sat in his arms the whole time.
 I was impressed.
I love North Carolina in the winter.
It's so unique and beautiful.
We had a family chat about goals and plans.
We also talked about upcoming Nielson events like:
Gigs going to Utah with his FFA group later this month.
He's so excited to visit and to see Umi!
I'm having Mohs surgery later this month to remove a 
Basal Cell Carcinoma spot on my ear.
Claire starts her new job working in the ER in Raleigh.
And, of course, Jane is coming home!

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