Saturday, January 27, 2024


She's home!
She did it!
18 months in Portugal teaching people about
Jesus Christ and serving in His name for
47304000 seconds!
13140 hours!
547 Days!
And she's back in my arms!
Chris and Nellie Bingham, who are my second cousins and 
our stake president was on the same returning flight from
 NYC to NC as Jane. They were returning home from Spain.
They told me they'd be on the same flight a few weeks ago, but we
decided to keep it a secret from Jane.
Jane was sooooo happy to see them at the airport in New York!
What a sweet surprise!
They had lunch together at the airport
Nellie was SO AWESOME and took most of the photos of
us when we saw Jane for the first time!  
What treasures!
A few minutes before meeting Jane at the airport's return area,
 a man walked towards us and asked,
 "Are you Sister Nielson's entourage?" 
We proudly confirmed that we were. 
He then said, 
"She's a wonderful lady, you should be very proud." 
I replied with tears in my eyes, 
"Thank you, we are!
As he walked away, I noticed he had a copy of
 The Book of Mormon in his hands. 
It was clear that Jane had been doing missionary work until the very last second!
We waited eagerly for Jane to arrive, and as soon as 
I caught a glimpse of her distinctive orange hair in the distance, 
with Chris and Nellie, I couldn't contain my excitement any longer 
and ran toward her down the forbidden hallway, screaming with joy. 
Even though we did get in trouble for that by airport security,
 I simply couldn't resist the overwhelming happiness 
of seeing her again after so long.
We screamed and hugged and then huddled over in the corner 
near the baggage claim with the Binghams and talked and 
hugged, and talked an hugged and Chris said this reunion was
probably how it's going to be when we see loved ones who've 
passed on.  Lots of tears, hugs, and screams.
I couldn't have agreed more.
It was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

(Jane being released from her full-time mission, January 2024)

At home, I cut up Jane's favorite grasshopper pie that
I had made earlier, we listened to her favorite music
(Cranberries, TSP, Better Than Ezra, and The Killers)
and she opened up her suitcases and showed gifts she brought back
for us, trinkets and Milka bars in every flavor
 that she had spent her whole grocery budget on
and, of course, a load of dirty clothes.
Welcome home, Jane Bug!
(Hey, Gigs!  You're next!!!)

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