Monday, January 01, 2024

Happy New Year 2024!/Polar Plunge

 Christian and I woke up this morning and attended our church congregation's
traditional New Year's breakfast. I couldn't wake any of the Nies.
So I let them sleep in, jealous of them snug in their beds.
Christian cooked three dozen fresh eggs (thanks to our ladies!),
made to order!  He was at the grill the whole morning.
I didn't even sit with him once!  He's a champ.
We drove home, where the Nies were awake and waiting for us
in their suits to drive to the lake for our 2024 dip!
In the past, we've driven to the beach, which is really fun, but this hidden spot
is only 15 minutes away, and our good friends, 
Joe, Suzanne, and Cheynie joined us.
I had packed towels, blankets, hot chocolate, and marshmallows in thermoses
after the swim.  And we left the car running with the heat on full blast.
Christian and Gigs immediately jumped in the water while Claire and I paddled
out to the platform in the center of the lake inlet.
I felt that diving in would be better than a slow dip.
I was right.  So glad I did that!
Watch the dip HERE.
Christian swam to the dock, where he gave us extra encouragement.
I dove in, then swam back to shore, where Lottie was waiting for me with
a blanket.  Lottie opted out of the plunge.  Maybe next year, Lod!
It took Claire a little while to commit to the plunge,
and Christian was getting pretty impatient 
in his wet suit, waiting for her to go.
It was freezing, and the wind was whipping around us!
But she did it, hopped in the kayak, and paddled back with
Christian swimming behind her.
It's going to be a good year!

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