Sunday, December 31, 2023

New Years Eve 2023

 We began our New Year's Eve festivities in the evening when I set the 
 dinner table and began baking my first-ever Yule Log,
 which will now be a tradition come the holidays.  
It was easy to make and super delicious! 
 I remember when I was a little girl, my Mom would buy Yule Logs at 
the grocery store around Christmas time.  
Most nights, we'd eat a slice after dinner and
 slather hot Hershey syrup on top.
On our Yule log, I added chocolate cream cheese frosting
so I could make it look like a real log. 
My friend Jessica gifted us with homemade chocolate sauce
 as a special holiday treat, so we were able to enjoy 
the log with an extra delicious topping.
After dinner, I served our Yule log with hot Wassel.  
It was a most delish combination.
Like most years, the girls dress up in sequins and fancy outfits for dinner,
while the boys opt for t-shirts and pajama bottoms. 
I don't particularly like it, but I don't argue with them like I used to. 
When one of the boys complains about having to wear nicer clothes, 
especially if they've already worn them to church earlier,
 I tell them they can wear whatever they want, but their attire
 will reflect their gratitude for the dinner I have cooked. 
It may be manipulative, but sometimes it works. 
Unfortunately, it didn't work tonight:
Also, at dinner, we wrote our new 2024 goals.
Reading my 2023 letter to myself made me feel bittersweet.
This year, I'm going to be better to myself.
More confident, more trusting, more loving to myself,
to others, and especially in my relationship with God.
Later, I pulled out the New Year's bubblie bottle that I had
put away with our 2023 goals stuffed carefully inside.
It's impossible to get them out without breaking the glass, which in
past years, we've done with a hammer.
We used Claire's new G44 Glock this year and shot the bottle.
Christian, Gigs, and Claire all took a shot.
(My fingers can't pull the trigger since they don't bend.  Whaahh whaahhh).
This is definitely a new tradition, too!
To stay awake, we played Siler City Monopoly and listened to music,
while keeping the fire roaring even though it was a humid 60 outside.
When it was time, we ran outside and counted away 2023.
WELCOME 2024!!!!!
Living out here in the country, fireworks erupted everywhere with
occasional gunshots in the distance.
We all went to bed excited for our polar plunge in the morning
to officially welcome this new *hopeful* new year!

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