Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Back At It!

 Today, Nicholas and Lottie went back to school after a 
a wonderful, very relaxing Christmas break.
Getting them up and out of bed wasn't easy, especially Lottie.  
She was really not having it.
She woke up feeling a bit grumpy and didn't talk to me 
during our car ride to school, which is unusual for her. 
Later, she informed me that her stomach was hurting, 
and I told her it was because of nervousness. 
She then explained that if she sends me a blowfish emoji, 
it indicates that she's sick and needs me to pick her up.
I agreed to the emoji plan...we've done this before.
Even though I knew she would be perfectly fine.  
 I, too, know this feeling!  
I pulled this on my Mom so many times!
I sweetened the deal by telling them 
I'd have banana bread just out of the oven for
them when they got back from school.
I was bummed school started up again, too. 
 I really love the ease of the schedule,
 the calm days, and the late nights.  But I also was ready for them 
(and all of us) to get back to our schedules. 
I have initiated a project named "Operation Organization Jane." 
It involves me going through every closet, cabinet, 
and under the bed of every room to organize and create more space for
when sister Nielson returns. 
It's going to be challenging to accommodate everyone in Stillestead
because there is little storage area.
But we'll make it work!  I am so excited!

And, no, I never received a blowfish emoji!

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