Friday, December 15, 2023

Christmas Break!

 It was a short day at school for Gigs and Lottie since it
 was the start of Christmas break!
Around 11:30, Claire and I picked up Lottie from school 
(Gigs went out with friends,
followed by a date later in the evening); 
then, the three of us went to lunch.
When we came home, there was a package on our front porch.
It was a box full of adorable wrapped presents from UMI!
Growing up, Mom always wrapped our 
presents colorful with fun ribbons.
We placed them under the tree and munched on the BYU 
chocolate cinnamon bears she packed in the box along with
Dad's pickled beets, which, luckily, made it safely to us!
Then Christian and I left the Nies and went
out to dinner and our anniversary overnight stay in Chapel Hill.
Tomorrow, we will celebrate 23 years of marriage!
I wore the J.Crew wool coat that I bought in the first year of our marriage 
I love how the power of nostalgia and sentimentalism
is such a driving force in my and Christian's lives.
With each year together, it's the little things that bring us joy and 
keep us connected to our past. 
Congratulations to us!

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